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article de presse Leo Lacroix
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A member of the French ski team in the 60s, Léo Lacroix has always had an eye for technology and a sense of progress, right from the start of his competitive career. To match his ambitions, he designed his own skis early on with his cousin.

Leo Lacroix
Leo Lacroix
Leo Lacroix


The Lacroix brand was born in Bois-d’Amont, in the heart of the Jura, when Daniel Lacroix brought the first pairs of skis to life, fusing passion and innovation. The adventure begins, shaped by creativity and craftsmanship, leaving a lasting mark on the world of winter sports.

Atelier Lacroix dans le jura
Leo Lacroix JO


Wearing skis designed by his cousin Daniel Lacroix, Léo Lacroix won the silver medal in the downhill at the Olympic Games in Austria, putting in a remarkable performance.


Thanks to the highly technical skis made by the family in his cousin’s workshop, Léo Lacroix made a name for himself in Chile, winning the silver medal in downhill and combined, thus demonstrating the exceptional efficiency of his equipment, designed with care and passion.

Première usine Lacroix


Léo Lacroix founds the Lacroix company as a manufacturer of racing skis. With tireless passion and commitment, he launched the inaugural production run of 127 pairs of skis. This bold move marked the beginning of a company dedicated to excellence and innovation, forging the heritage of an iconic brand in the world of winter sports.


The company specializes in luxury skiing. This new strategic direction reflects Lacroix’s relentless quest for elegance and performance. From that pivotal year onwards, the brand became the undisputed symbol of expertise, combining cutting-edge technology and refined aesthetics to offer ski enthusiasts an incomparable experience on the slopes.

Leo Lacroix analysant ses skis
Ski ultime orné de diamants


Maison Lacroix designs and crafts skis adorned with diamonds and white gold, with spatulas in African ebony. At €42,000 a pair, these skis are among the most expensive in the history of world skiing, embodying a unique marriage of luxury and performance.


Collaboration with the renowned leather goods manufacturer Pinel & Pinel to design an exceptional transport trunk, offering a remarkable level of comfort. A perfect fusion of timeless elegance and high-end functionality for demanding winter sports enthusiasts.

Leo Lacroix analysant ses skis
Premier collection textile en 2014


Creation of a textile collection for the first time. This ski collection is designed, conceived and produced with a single goal in mind: to satisfy our most demanding customers.


This season, La marque Lacroix, artist Julien Marinetti and Galeries Bartoux collaborate to create a unique pair of skis.

Ultime Art Edition model, Julien Marinetti has put his stamp on this exceptional ski.

Ultime art edition
Putters Lacroix


A new era begins with Lacroix 2.0, unveiling innovative ranges for every season, from snow to earth, water to asphalt. The company is gradually reinventing itself, weaving a constantly evolving story. An adventure to follow, where creativity merges with performance to redefine the limits of excellence.