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Lightweight and agile, the Karakorum will be your ideal companion if you want to be the first to the top. Following in the footsteps of its ancestor from the 90s, its performance is unquestionable. Its wood core and carbon construction will keep you in control on the descent, even for an experienced alpine skier. Designed for powder and fresh snow, its iconic design will make Maison purists nostalgic.

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A unique, exclusive design wherever you look, but also ahead of its time. For many years, Lacroix has chosen to design its skis on the basis of a titanium and carbon construction. Around a wood core that gives the skis total torsional stability and outstanding bending power. Its anti-vibration features and bamboo edging guarantee comfort and ultra-precise cornering.

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Karakorum ski

$1 281.04

Karakorum ski

$1 281.04

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