Forged in France

The LX 03 is a head-heavy mallet putter designed to offer great accuracy on the greens. Its stability during the pendulum movement makes putting more precise and consistent. It features C-Claws’ patented grooved face, which multiplies the ball’s forward rotation and improves feel at impact. This putter is therefore ideal for those looking for high-performance equipment to improve their putting game.

Made for you

Perfect balance
Outstanding performance
ME extraordinary
Tolerance and precision
Sublimated sensations

Special features









3/4 Shaft

Face Balanced / Straight

405 gr

Striée C-Cut

Unique 304L stainless steel block from the aerospace industry.

Unique French know-how

Designed and manufactured in France, Maison Lacroix offers a range of unique putters in collaboration with a famous brand. They combine art and industry to deliver finesse, balance and performance. Each putter is custom-designed using cutting-edge aeronautical technology and noble materials such as GSS 304L stainless steel. Known as the best on the market, this material is harder but has a much softer feel. It is also widely used in the nuclear, petrochemical and space industries. The R&D department uses CAD to guarantee the quality of each putter, while a three-dimensional metrology machine controls production. Each putter is designed to meet the requirements of each player, with aesthetics and ergonomics adapted to their style of play. Thanks to PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) treatment, surfaces are exceptionally pure and perfect. Whether you’re a beginner, amateur or professional, Lacroix putters offer maximum comfort and optimum efficiency on the course.

LX03 Black series


LX03 Black series


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Guide des tailles

La taille des putters varie en fonction de la votre.

De 161cm à 170cm :

Optez pour le 33″

De 171cm à 185cm

Optez pour le 34″

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Sizing guide

Putter sizes vary according to your own.

From 161cm to 170cm :

Opt for the 33″.

From 171cm to 185cm

Choose the 34″ size

If you need any advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.